Technical Reports

Although some of the following reports are ‘Executive Summaries’ only, they provide a comprehensive overview. (If needed, download free Adobe Acrobat .pdf viewer)

Initiating Report of the CICCC

CICCC Terms of Reference

Reports to the Community

From 2010 Community reports refer to the financial year, following the change to EPA reporting requirements.

The Community Reports have been changed from Financial Year reporting to Calendar Year. The first of these, below, additionally covers the last months of the 2017 year.

Reports to EPA

Statements to EPA

Terminals Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP)

Improvement Action Report (IAP)

Terminals progress in implementing its Environmental Improvement Plan is detailed in the Environmental Action Reports below.

Following the issuing of the Framework EIP in 2018, the nature of the Environment Action Plan has changed. Where formerly it recorded progress against the particular specific IP, it is now used to contain the actual upgrades to the facility that are planned. It is issued periodically and updated with each new version. The EAPs since 2018 are listed above.

The detail under the new 2018 framework EIP is provided in a series of ‘Improvement Action Reports (IAPs)’.

Other technical reports

Terminals Pty Ltd has been an accredited licensee since 6 April 2004. The amended licence issued on that date recognises that Terminals Pty Ltd has demonstrated a high level of performance and an ongoing capacity to maintain and improve this performance. As detailed in the licence, the basis of this accreditation includes the implementation of an Environmental Management System, an Environmental Audit Program and an Environmental Improvement Plan.

The licence covers waste management (with a table of emission limits to air), performance monitoring and reporting, and a plan of the premises showing discharge points.

An amendment to the EPA licence was issued on 10 October 2007, showing the consolidation of the facility west of Mackenzie Road. Another amendment was made in 2009.

A further amendment to the EPA licence was signed on 17 January 2011, to bring the licence into conformity with the new reformed licence model.

The latest Amendment to the Licence was dated 26/09/2019 and may be found here

  • Terminals’ table of interim and proposed improvements
    The attached table has been prepared by Terminals Pty Ltd, listing possible causes of the 1991 fires and explosion suggested by the Coroner, and other potential causes and issues. Each of the possible causes and issues is numbered. Terminals Pty Ltd have then set out interim improvements grouped into those undertaken in the period 1991 to 1994, 1995 to 1996, and 1997 to 2000. The interim improvements are described, and the causes and issues to which each improvement is directed is noted. Total costs for the improvements in each time period are given.
  • A third column describes the further improvements to be achieved in the proposed redevelopment of the BP site and sites B and C west of Mackenzies Road. To see the table click here.
  • An introduction to the Terminals Coode Island maintenance program: Melbourne_Maintenance_Handover_Report_2012.doc
  • Task Force Report
    Coode Island Chemical Storage TaskForce final report, handed down September 1998.
  • Benchmarking Investigation and Environmental Audit Report for the Environmental Protection Authority. From Schuden Uhde, March 1998
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment of Bulk Liquid Storage Facilities at Coode Island. Prepared for Victorian WorkCover Authority by DNV Consultancy Services December 1997. (Also available as an Acrobat .pdf file)
  • Operational Safety Management System Audit at Coode Island. Prepared for Victorian WorkCover Authority TM Services Pty Ltd, November 1997.
  • Coode Island Review Panel Final Report, handed down to Victorian Government March 1992.
  • At the June 2003 CICCC meeting, EPA tabled a report on tank cleaning operations on a bulk chemical tanker at the Outer Anchorage of Port Phillip. The report may be viewed here.
  • The City of Maribyrnong is trialling the use of a telephone messaging system to warn residents of emergency situations. An article in the June 2003 issue of Government News on this topic may be accessed here.
  • The CICCC submission (click here) to the Victorian Government’s “Melbourne 2030 – Planning for sustainable growth” strategy supports the strategy, and draws attention to two defects in it. These are the omission of any consideration in the strategy of the land use conflict between hazardous facilities and the adjacent community, and the need for further investigation and planning for Inland Container Depots.
  • An address by Craig Lapsley, Fire Services Commissioner on the strategic priorities of his Office can be found here.
  • An Overview, History and Improvements at the facility up to December 2021

Report on Monitoring and Maintenance Program for Quantem Pty Ltd at Coode Island Facility (with information about Equipment Inspection Schedules for Tanks and fittings) February 2021

Newsletter, October 2007

Terminals Pty Ltd had an Open Day at Coode Island and the storage facility at Mackenzie Road West Melbourne on Saturday 20 October 2007. A newsletter was printed to coincide with the Open Day. Two pages were authored by the CICCC Community representatives (click here) and two pages were provided by Terminals Pty Ltd (click here).