Adopted Minutes

Thursday, 6th November, 2008



Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Quentin Cooke:

Environment. Protection Authority

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

George Horman

General Manager, Terminals Pty Ltd

Deborah Macfarlane:

Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino

State Manager Victoria, Terminals Pty Ltd

Michael Isaachsen:

Community Rep./Committee

Geoff Millard

Safety Environment & Training Manager

Faye Simpson
Community Rep./Committee

Theo Pykoulas

City of Maribyrnong


Susan Chatterton

Minute Taker



Robin Expressed a warm welcome to everyone.

Apologies: Peter La Rose and Bro Sheffield-Brotherton

Confirmation of draft agenda – adopted



Robin Draft Minutes of the 7th August 2008 adopted noting that George Horman to be recorded as an apology.


Action Items

Action Items 09/07 – 2 and 06/08 – 1: Nothing further to report.

Action Item 08/08-2

See the report from the City of Maribyrnong in Item 3: Action completed.

Action Item 08/08-3

Carlo The ruptured wharf hose was returned to the supplier for further testing and investigation of the failure. Results from the subsequent investigation proved the way in which the hoses were tied to the ship using rope over a long period of time weakened the casing. The distance between ship and manifold differ from ship to ship. We are now aware of the situation and will be looking at using slings where possible. Action completed.

The wharf hose was an old one that had been taken out of service for flammable/toxic materials, and was being used for Caradol, a waxy substance.



Carlo Report over 3 months – August, September, and October.

Shipping – Figures up and down through the months – 2 shipments of Canola

Trucking – Activity appears to be getting busier. Will be even busier once the fertilizer comes on line. Expect 500 to 700 trucks per month.

Safety Nothing to report

Site Visits

First liquid fertilizer tank brought into service

Contract signed for 3 new Tallow tanks and work has commenced

Plant B top loading gantry decommissioned and demolished

LRQA (Lloyds Register Quality Assurance) 3 year recertification quality audit conducted – no issues

Annual Environment audit conducted by Air Water Noise – no issues

Quarterly customer meetings with Orica & Exxon – no issues

Exxon conducted HS&E and Operational audit of site – no issues

Training – Operators continue their 5 yearly renewals on competency assessments.


1. Customer found water in product loaded out of tank 11.

Trucking company claimed the truck was a dedicated tanker and was not used for any other purpose. The sample taken from the tank was fine. A meeting with the client and trucking company was held and investigations undertaken. Conclusion was that an unknown source of water approximately 100 litres had contaminated the product.

2. Tried to load FBT tanker from Tank 11 but could not get suction. This is not a real concern as this was an interim situation during upgrade.

3. Pre wash hoses leaking from manifold onto wharf. Some materials cannot be washed out at sea therefore the pre wash is removed off site. In this instance the ships crew was in a hurry and started pump without checking manifold was fastened. Letter of complaint to shipping agent and customer.

4. Ten year tank inspection had no follow up on observations. There was a suggestion during an audit to develop a system to track observations to ensure they are closed out. This will be implemented.

5. No formal mechanism for documenting Customer Special Conditions. This was also a Lloyds recommendation. This information is not covered in contracts. The result was that any special conditions are to be put on the contract summary sheet.

6. Surveyor lost 2 metres of sampling tape in tank. We informed the customer with no other action to be taken.

7. Truck manifold split open when loading spilling approximately 200 litres. After investigation it was found a stress fracture along the weld caused the split. Lucky it happened on site where it could be attended to promptly, and not while the truck was traveling on the road. Trucking companies should have a pressure test regime but this is out of Terminals control.

The customer is very heavily involved with the trucking company and Terminals should ask for details of their investigations and incident report. We do have valves leak and this is the first manifold split we have encountered. Probably a faulty weld from the start.

George We cannot tell when a truck comes in if there is a problem with the weld. There are standards that they the trucking company have to adhere to.

Geoff Road tankers are required to undergo hydro testing every 5 years and a simpler integrity test every 2 1/2 years.

Carlo We will ask the customer for copies of their investigation and subsequent findings.

George During top loading you would not have detected the problem but bottom loading is different. As far as Terminals is concerned this is the first time we have had this type of problem occur.

Robin We will be interested to hear what the results are.

Quentin Cause of failure and including appropriate metallurgy testing. Feel it is appropriate to ask as this failure occurred in your premises.

Deborah What about their other trucks?

Geoff That’s exactly right Deborah that is why we will follow it up and ask what the root cause of it is and what are they doing about preventing a recurrence.

ACTION ITEM – Note that Terminals intends to request a further report from their customer concerning the manifold split, and will advise the CICCC of that report in due course.

Ian I would also like to suggest that we also request Terminals provide us with a list of the odour thresholds of the various acrylates, maybe at the next meeting.

Geoff Ethyl Acrylates has an odour threshold of about 0.002 parts per million and the other ones are less than 0.1 parts per million or less.

Ian Have we seen Terminals NPI (National Pollution Inventory) submission at this point in time?

Geoff Terminals submit an inventory at the end of September each year. Also those emissions are taken into account in annual report and environmental report to the EPA which is completed by the end of February early March.

Robin The answer is that that information is included in the annual submission to the EPA in the environmental report. Are you satisfied with that Ian?

Geoff The details can be found on the National Pollution Inventory site in its entirety.

Robin Geoff could you email Ian the precise details where we can find your particular companies information on the website?

Geoff Happy to comply with that request.

Carlo Then showed pictures of the old gantry as it was and as it is now totally removed. Also the new fertilizer tanks which were bought as second-hand tanks and we doubled the height of them by adding extra strakes. Carlo explained the process of lifting the tanks and welding additional strakes to the bottom, thus avoiding working at height and the cost of additional scaffolding..

Robin Thanked Carlo.


Robin We have a particular introduction to your section as we are interested to find out what happened to the Community Awareness Communication program.

Theo Can I firstly discuss the item raised by Deborah regarding the signs along the river warning people about eating the fish. I have since found out that there are 14 signs along the Maribyrnong and Yarra rivers which were put up a couple of years ago. A leaflet with the information like that put on the signs was distributed and was also written in Vietnamese, Italian, Greek and Chinese. The information can be down loaded from the Department of Health Services website. There were recent headlines in the newspapers regarding the dangers of eating a lot of fish out of these rivers and the concern of quantities of arsenic in the river.

Faye Can people get any information from the council regarding this issue?

Theo If they approach the council then we will make sure they receive the relevant information.

Robin Very good Theo, now can we move on to the Community Awareness Communication.

Theo Community Awareness Communication – 16,000 copies printed and 15,000 distributed.

So far to date we have only 160 responses wishing to opt into the Community Awareness Communication program. This figure makes it only 1% response. We only received a response from those that are willing to participate in program. Will be speaking to the distributor to confirm all copies have been distributed.

Theo The residents might be concerned about privacy, there are a whole range of things that they might be concerned about. Michael did you receive the information?

Michael I cannot remember seeing anything.

Robin That is a small response isn’t it? A 1% suggests you haven’t succeeded to communicate this satisfactorily and indicates that they have not read it. What could you do to resolve this uncertainty as to why the low response. Could you do a follow up?

Theo I am happy to ring a few random numbers and enquire as to if they actually read the information.

George I don’t think you can criticize what the council has done or whether it is a failure or what ever. In reflection on what has happened with our Open Days it does not seem to be on the radar, people have got other things to worry about. Very difficult at the moment to get peoples attention as they are more concerned with other matters and do not see the chemicals as a threat at present.

Robin Theo please accept very great support from this committee.

Theo Would like to explore findings for my own benefit.

George Be realistic about it.

Theo I just wish to know if they received the information. The council is putting it on the back burner at the moment as we do not have the resources at present to dedicate to this. Such activities could involve a door knock, phone survey, etc. Feel it is up to the people to look at the material and make a decision to act.

Faye Would it be beneficial to send an email to community groups, churches, schools etc.?

Theo We talked about doing that initially. There are certain groups that we would like to involve such as schools as they are the more vulnerable groups.

Deborah There are plenty of community groups in the area to send out information to. Email is a lot easier way of communicating.

Robin Thank you Theo.


Quentin The major focus at the moment is Cranbourne which some of you may be aware of. At present the situation has de escalated from the emergency status. A lot of monitoring is being conducted around the community.

Carlo If VCAT had not over ruled the council would we have the issue?

Quentin Recommended buffer differences allow for a greater level of security for the residents.

Robin What was the gas?

Quentin Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur compounds. Similar to having a natural gas leak in your home.

Robin Have all residents moved back in their homes?

Quentin Cannot comment as unaware of numbers.

Ian What is the distance recommended?

Quentin Recommend several hundred metres, but from what I could see the houses were built closer than desirable. It will take several months to determine the deficiencies in the planning and VCAT decision.

Ian VCAT decisions are 90% in favour of the developers.

Robin VCAT are fairly thorough these days. For them to over rule and then get it wrong is an unusual situation.

Quentin The other topic relating to the EPA is the decision to restructure the EPA. As of 15th December, 2008 the EPA will be working under a new structure. 75% of organization has already been told what their role is. One group will be performing a function call Statutory Facilitation and I will be located in that group. This involves:-

Works approvals

Licence amendments

Waste classification

Will be concerned with the whole state whereas now it is more regional.

Regional offices will still exist but the people in those offices may not necessarily do the same tasks as they do now

There will be a client manager in a specialist client manager section

Robin Is this structure on the website

Quentin As of the 15th December, 2008 it will be in place.

Fay What are the anticipated positives?

Quentin We hope to achieve consistency with decision making. The other thing is better service delivery to the clients.

Faye Have you had any issues regarding the Eastlink opening and venting?

Quentin The Eastlink is going great.

ITEM 4. EPA LICENCE REVIEW (Carlo and Quentin)

Carlo What I am proposing to put in the EIP, are summary of targets 2009 – 2012. Just want to table it now and discuss next meeting.

Quentin Since the land of the old Plant A site has been used by the Port of Melbourne Corporation there has been monitoring going on showing that level of concentrations in these wells has got to such a level where monitoring is going to cease.

Carlo Port of Melbourne Corporation has raised this issue and they want to take over the bore holes to use for their own monitoring.

Geoff 97% decrease is recorded in one well. The other ones of the site have gone down below levels of concern.

George It has been a successful remediation.

Geoff Our submission to the EPA several years ago was to discontinue monitoring. The EPA being conservative asked Terminals to keep monitoring for another 2 years. We have now done that additional monitoring.

Robin Aim to make some focus on this and put in the CICCC media release.

1. Pleased to see the monitoring cease

2. The idea of wells being handed over to the Port of Melbourne Corporation is sensible.

George Terminals are happy to request the data be made available.

Quentin PoMC should make their objectives more transparent.

Ian Are we doing groundwater monitoring associated with the East side.

Geoff Yes we are.

Discussion on the EPA Licence Review is deferred to the next scheduled meeting.


Meeting dates for 2009 – 12th March, 2009, 18th June, 2009, 10th September, 2009 and 10 December, 2009