Adopted Minutes

Tuesday, 13th August 2019

Held at Terminals Pty Ltd

70-78 MacKenzie Road, West Melbourne @ 3:00pm


Robin Saunders:

CICCC / Chairperson

Phil Jones

National Operations Manager – Terminals Pty Ltd

Ian Thomas:

Community Rep./Committee

Cameron Nichols

Operations Superintendent, Terminal Pty Ltd

Faye Simpson

Community Rep./Committee

Ryan DeMunk

Nation HSEQ Manager

Michael Isaachsen

Community Rep./Committee

Stephen Lewis

Safety Standards & Cases Manager

Dr Cathy Wilkinson

CEO Environment Protection Authority

Susan Chatterton

Terminals Pty Ltd – Minute Taker

Steve Lansdell

Manager, Western Metro Region, EPA





Robin Apologies – Bro Sheffield-Brotherton, Deborah MacFarlane, Gary O’Sullivan
Draft Agenda – confirmed




Robin Welcome to all new faces around the table.  I will now hand over to Cathy for the EPA presentation.
Cathy Thank you for the opportunity and I wish to express my respect for the involvement of the Committee for such a long time.  I would also like to introduce Steve Lansdell whom has been with the EPA for 14 years.  Steve is the new manager of this region. We have an overview presentation. EPA is shifting to a new legislative approach which will come into effect 1st July 2020.
Steve I will email Cathy’s presentation to Robin
ACTION Steve Lansdell to email Cathy’s presentation to Robin for distribution to the Committee. Robin to clarify that it can be posted to the website.



  “EPA, Victoria – 2019 and Beyond”

CEO Presentation to Coode Island Community Consultative Committee

Due to a technical malfunction with the overhead facilities Cathy spoke to the committee referencing the presentation document.

Questions and robust discussions were fielded by the committee members and answered in detail by both Cathy and Steve Lansdell regarding the items that were presented in the document – “EPA, Victoria – 2019 and Beyond” together with general questions on the activities of the EPA.

Topics discussed at the meeting which are discussed in the EPA presentation are as follows: –

·         EPA is transforming – with an approach that focuses on preventing and reducing harm from pollution and waste to the environment and to human health

·         Legislative Overhaul – which specify a General Environmental Duty (GED) on all parties. The Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 has been gazetted and will come into force in mid 2020. Regulations are currently being drafted and will go out for comment for 60 days. Environmental Reference Standards will replace SEPPs, and will be available by mid 2020.

·         Industry Guidance – EPA can contribute to the SoK (State of Knowledge) by producing guidelines which are not enforceable, but clarify EPA’s expectations.

·         Resource Recovery Facilities Audit Taskforce – addressing the problems relating to waste, and the management and fires at waste storage facilities

·         EPA Coode Island Compliance Update – note the reference to the leak of aluminium sulphate at Terminals facility at Coode Island.

Further to the above brief outline of the presentation, some of the matters mentioned by Cathy are noted below.

The new EPA approach follows the 2015-16 independent inquiry into EPA, which had 48 recommendations, all supported by EPA and the government.

Staff levels at EPA have increased significantly from four years ago to today. New offices are being established for the Western Region at Sunshine (where Steve has been appointed Manager) and the Northern Region at Preston.

In relation to Global Warming, Minister d”Ambrosio has carriage of this matter, within the Land, Water and Planning Department. A Climate Change Act has been passed, with net greenhouse gas emissions of Zero by 2050, and a staged approach with specific targets for each sector (e.g. power generation, farming, transport etc)

Robin Thank you, Cathy and Steve, for your attendance, it has been a very thorough presentation and a stimulating discussion.




  EPA committed to notify the committee when a replacement representative had been confirmed.
ACTION Steve Lansdell to advise the EPA replacement representative for the Committee.




Robin The Draft Minutes of 7 May 2019 meeting were adopted.
  Review of previous ACTION ITEMS
3/2019/1 Phil to expedite sending the Safety Improvement Plan for 2018-2019, and Safety Action Plan for 2018-2019 to Robin for circulation to CICCC members and posting to the web site.
3/2019/2 Phil to speak to Stephen Lewis for specific dates to be inserted in Improvement Action Plan for 2019. Query Heading HSEQ Improvement/ Action Plan, and whether it should run for 2018-2019 to be synchronous with the Community Reports, and the Safety Action Plans.
Completed – the plans will run over calendar years, with the initial one covering 18 months
3/2019/3 Phil to respond to the Chair’s query concerning the appropriate place for the CICCC to be listed in the new Environment Improvement Plan framework document.
Section 4 of the EIP has been updated to include a new 4.3 detailing the role of the CICCC. The change was welcomed and approved by the Committee.
5/2019/1 Sue/Phil to advise whether there has been any response to the new advertisement for Community Representatives
No responses have been received to the advertisement for Community Representatives.
5/2019/2 Robin to review the text of Section 4.3 of the EIP Framework document to ensure conformity with previous decisions of the Committee.
With minor changes the text was finalized and agreed. See also 3/2019/3 above.
5/2019/3 Phil to check whether any reformatting of the CICCC website layout may be necessary on the Terminals system, and report back at the next meeting.
Phil Terminals IT provider is putting options through to me and I will forward to Robin once received.
Robin In my view I am not particularly fussed about colors.  More of concern is that the present information on the website being maintained.
Ian I found very little information on the website.
Stephen You can now find the Safety Case Summary on the website.
Robin On the face page it has a section for “reports”, if you go into “reports” all the information is there. It is quite extensive.
Ian The Safety Case was initially a public document but now it isn’t.
Phil I will provide information on who Robin can talk to regarding the website.
ACTION Phil to advise Robin of a contact at the firm managing the CICCC web site, with whom he can deal with directly both as to the look of the web site, and periodic updates of information.
Faye Is there anything on there that is relevant to schools?
Phil There are not many items on the website that I would consider of interest to schools.
Robin Deborah and I went out to a number of schools some years ago to see if they were interested in using the facility as a project. We found they had such a crowded curriculum they had no time for looking at the facility or our website.  In my view the most pertinent information on the CICCC website is the detailing of all the improvements that have been done at the site over the years since 1991.






Robin In relation to the 4th quarter items, some of them are in progress.  Are there any ones completed of mention?
Phil Implementing Radar Gauging to reduce risk of overfilling tank.

Ground Water Monitoring Plan has been submitted to EPA this year.

Robin Have you applied for any new products to be stored, or applications for planning approvals or works approvals?
Phil Not at this stage and no room to build new tanks.
Robin This committee has always in the past been informed of any planning approvals or Works Approvals that were at the pre-application stage, and details of these were given to the Committee for their comment. The Committee would appreciate being consulted on any future proposal.
Phil We will inform the committee of any proposed planning or Works approvals proposals should such matters arise in the future.







Phil We had 6 ships in May and 4 ships in July.
Robin There have been in the past all sorts of difficulties with ships at the berth.
Cameron If we get a ship causing an issue, it usually flows on that other companies have trouble with them as well.  We have a meeting with the other companies and put measures in place to prevent the ship from coming back.
Ian Is there a language difficulty?
Cameron If we have any difficulties with regards to understanding the captain or crew, we have a process for protesting.  The Port of Melbourne Authority will do an investigation and they take it very seriously.  We will then decide if we will engage with that ship.
Michael Who commissions the ship?
Cameron The owner of the product commissions the ship
No overdue incidents.  Good outcome for this period mostly severity “0” and “1” ratings.
Phil ·         On page 9 of the report there are two incidents marked in red.  We had 2 trailers; first trailer filled at another site.  Terminals filled the 2nd trailer.  1st trailer started leaking and was fixed prior to leaving the site.  We asked for the trailer to get a full service before coming back on site and for the transport company to provide proof of service.
·         Distributions Manager – John Collins retired
·         New Engineering Manager – Stephen Johnson and New Asset Reliability Manager – Daniel Segalla.
·         Emissions testing completed
Phil Safety Case Summary to be provided prior to next meeting.
ACTION Phil to provide the Safety Case Summary to the Committee prior to next meeting.
ACTION Phil to advise if the Summary can be posted to the CICCC web site.





1. Meeting Dates for 2020
Robin Will provide dates prior to the next meeting 12 November 2019
ACTION Robin to provide suggested dates for meetings in 2020 in the draft agenda for the next meeting on 12 November 2019
2. Updated technical report
Robin The technical reports on the website relating to maintenance at the facility are very much out of date, based as they are on a manual system. I used the Summary Update of the May meeting to briefly describe the reporting of incidents by Terminals in their quarterly reports to the Committee, using the Integrum software package. This may provide a starting point for developing a more complete description of the system now in place.
Action Phil to consider whether an update on the CICCC web site (Reports) detailing Terminal’s manual maintenance system is timely, and if so, when it should be undertaken.

The meeting closed at 5:00 pm

FUTURE MEETING DATES FOR 2019:  12 November 2019

All meetings are on site at 70-78 MacKenzie Road, Coode Island at 3:00pm.