Robin Saunders Deborah MacFarlane

CICCC/Chairperson Community Rep./Committee

Faye Simpson Michael Isaachsen

Community Rep./Committee Community Rep./Committee

Carlo Fasolino Quentin Cooke

State Manager Terminals Pty Ltd/Committee Env. Protection Authority

Andrew Clifton John Luppino

Community Rep./Committee City of Maribyrnong

Ian Thomas Robert Glavich

Community Rep./Committee Community Rep./Committee

Bronwyn Brookman Smith George Horman

Major Hazards/Worksafe Gen. Manager Terminals Pty Ltd

Jim Clements Sue Chatterton

Man. West Metropolitan Reg. EPA Minute Taker

Joan Thomas



Robin welcomed everyone. Introduced Sue Chatterton as minute taker for the evening.


Apologies were received from Peter Brotherton, Margaret Donnan


The draft agenda was adopted.


George Horman addressed the meeting and asked Robin if he was agreeable to discussions taking place regarding Robin’s expenses. George then tabled three documents:

  1. Minute Taking Expenses
  2. CICCC Chair Costs
  3. CICCC Cost Summary
  • Each meeting cost Terminals $4K with 11 meetings taking place per year.
  • Terminals annual budget for CICCC meetings for next year will be $12K
  • Terminals prepared to provide minute taker in addition to $12K
  • Current $44K cost too extravagant for Terminals to continue to contribute.
  • Terminals willing to put minutes on Website prior to confirmation
  • Largest portion of expense was the Chairperson fees and Robin went on to state that the figures presented by George were a fair and reasonable representation of those costs put forward.
  • George then asked Robin to explain to everyone the beginnings of the CICCC.

“The committee at the very beginning decided to hire a Chairperson with the Maribyrnong Council making the first twelve months payment, and invoicing Terminals for reimbursement. Then the City of Maribyrnong decided that Terminals should pay for all CICCC costs directly. The council continue to contribute in a small way by providing the room and refreshments.”

  • Terminals Pty Ltd will be half the size in the future yet still believes being under the scrutiny of the community is a good discipline for Terminals to have.
  • George indicated that he thought it was appropriate for the CICCC to be involved in things around the Port, but Terminals shouldn’t have to pay for it.
  • Terminals would like committee to stay intact and will continue to support it but believe Melbourne Port Authority should take part.
  • Different options were presented to meet the proposed budget. Concerns were raised as to the possible bias in minute taking if minute taker provided by Terminals especially when matters are not in favour of Terminals. Therefore essential that Chair person look over minutes prior to issue. 


  • Sitting fees need to be addressed, $150 per sitting, as some people have been leaving early on a regular basis.
  • George put forward a proposal of 6 meetings per year to curtail costs.
  • Time limit of 2 hours per meeting maximum to limit Chairpersons costs, with 2 hours maximum outside meetings for ancillaries.
  • Sponsorship was mentioned but did not receive support.
  • Jim Clements then spoke of the many committees he has been involved with where many are chaired by organisation or rotating Chair. Committee has evolved a great deal where there is more trust between company and community, so this may be an option.
  • Deborah MacFarlane reluctant to have Robin step down as Chair. Feels the situation works well.
  • Robert Gavich agreed strongly with Deborah for Robin to maintain independent Chair doing great job. Limit time 2-3 hours – 6 meetings per year.
  • Website was then discussed as a means of saving money. Deborah thought the website expensive. Essential but expensive.
  • George reiterated that $12K was the bottom line Terminals prepared to put forward to cover costs inclusive of Website.

Action: George to source actual costs involved in maintaining website.

  • Terminals already have a website which is completely separate to CICCC website.
  • Jim suggested ideal scenario would be Marstell/Terminals/Port of Melbourne Corporation joint committee. Three way involvement not on the cards at present. Port of Melbourne already have a community committee, some members of CICCC are on that committee.
  • Faye suggested using the website as a marketing tool, generating income, public face to community.
  • Robin stated that there must be change with community members taking more responsibility to avoid Robin doing all the work.
  • Faye considering being prepared to stand aside as she lives on the East side of Melbourne now as a cost cutting exercise.
  • Andrew put forward that a portfolio “package of responsibility” for community committee members be formulated.
  • Robin then asked Faye not to resign but be prepared to contribute well. George said Faye was a contributor.

Robin formalised the following:

  • 2 monthly cycle for meetings with 2 hour maximum meeting time
  • $12K per year budget
  • Reduce Website costs
  • Chair to do a reduced number of hours of paid ancillary work between meetings.

George said the general consensus was for limiting meeting minutes and therefore time involved in review and distribution. Also gives Chairperson the impetus to move meetings along.

Robin then sought to close item of business. Robin will be having discussion with George regarding his expenses outside the meeting. George acknowledged.


Terminals Pty Ltd

Carlo then spoke on the following:

  • Product is now being supplied from the upgraded acrylate tanks.
  • Terminals has applied for an accredited licence from EPA (see below in EPA report)
  • There was a leak from a P&O Ports isotainer during the month. 35 people wre evacuated. EPA are seeking an incident report from P&O Ports, and will provide further advice on the matter to the CICCC at their next meeting.
    ACTION Report from EPA at next meeting.
  • Refer to attached Operations Report for October/November 2003.
  • Carlo attended Risk Workshop where the redirection of traffic, Coode Road, Sim Street and MacKenzie Road to alleviate dog leg was detailed, truck parking off road, railway lines, truck movements, traffic lights etc.
  • George advised that the Government has offered Terminals a lease extension for the east side of mackenzir Road to 31 January 2006 to facilitate product storage until the completion of the Marstel facility.
  • Robin thanked Carlo for report.

Quentin Cooke – Environment Protection Authority Report

Quentin explained the process of accreditation starting with the application, high level of performance, able to sustain high level of performance.

Jim then explained about the 3 cornerstones of accreditation. 

  1. Certified Environment Management System
  2. Audit Programme with EPA
  3. Environment Improvement Plan

Terminals have shown a significant improvement in performance and to Terminals credit if they are granted an accredited licence. Only 20 in 1,000 licensed sites have accredited licence. Terminals have shown they have all three cornerstones of the accreditation and should expect to get through by 23/12/03. Significant status for company to have achieved that level of performance.

Robin suggested that Quentin prepare a report which details the criteria and details of the EPA’s view of Terminals performance. The criteria should endeavour to explain the following:

  • Assessment
  • Conditions
  • Flow on from licence

Action: Quentin agreed to prepare report early January. To review at next meeting.

Bronwyn Brookman Smith – Work Safe

Bronwyn reported the following:

  • Visit to site 20/11/03 planned oversight visit
  • Fall protection – improvement notice requiring appropriate controls for working at heights on road tankers.
  • Foam – fire fighting – Terminals addressing issue of 20 litre containers with labels showing product potentially out of date.
  • Visit 10/12/03 to view TDI road tanker loading operations.
  • Robin met Rob Shears – Director, Major Hazard – emailed report on meeting to members.

Faye asked Quentin if there is a violation how would that affect EPA accreditation. How would Terminals be made accountable under the accreditation guidelines.

Jim then responded by saying that if there is no adequate reason for the violation they can be prosecuted. Further violation could lead to loss of accreditation.

John Luppino – Maribyrnong City Council

  • Presented all those present with envelope containing information to the community regarding “When industry is your neighbour” brochure and fridge magnet.
  • Envelopes to be distributed within a 2 km radius of all Major Hazard sites identified in the brochure
  • Thanked Terminals for donation towards cost of brochure
  • Will be added to new resident information kits
  • Redistribute every 2 years – update and review prior to reissue.
  • Telephone messages in 6 different languages.
  • Evaluation of project.
  • New Chief Executive Officer – Kerry Thompson
  • General Managers reduced from 5 to 4.
  • New title – General Manager Sustained Developments
  • Will not be attending CICCC meeting in his new role. Theo Pykoulas is to attend meetings in his capacity of Emergency Response Officer.
  • John expressed that he has enjoyed the past 3 ½ years and thanked everybody.

Robin expressed appreciation of close working relationship. Anticipate that Theo will grow into role, but access to someone at senior level via John appreciated.

George commended project by Maribyrnong Council and Deborah expressed enjoyment with working with John.

ITEM 6 Confirmation of previous minutes

Robin moved that previous meeting be accepted.

George moved to accept.

ITEM 7 Correspondence

Correspondence Out

  • Letter to the IDC supporting the City of Maribyrnong’s case for boundary adjustment (sent 23.11.2003)
  • Committee endorsement to write letter expressing views regarding discussion paper.
  • Letter of appreciation to Vanessa.
  • Letter of appreciation to Council thanking John Luppino for contribution.

ITEM 8 Next Meetings: February/April/June 2004

Meeting Closed: 9:00 pm

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