CICCC Update—9 February 2021 Meeting

The facility Maintenance Program
Quantem CEO Nic Moen has suggested that at each meeting of the CICCC, Quantem might provide a presentation on some aspect of the facility.

Stephen Rasdell, Chief Operating Officer of Quantem, made an excellent presentation on the way Quantem organises and maintains its facility at Coode Island. The presentation covered matters such as the company’s Maintenance Policy, the MEX computer based Management System, Key Performance Indicators for the maintenance function, and the way maintenance is scheduled and budgeted for all plant and equipment on site.

The presentation was well received, and promoted discussion. Stephen will provide an example of how the maintenance system is operationalised, and will add Key Performance Indicator statistics to the quarterly Operations Reports it presents to the Committee.

The Incident and Incident Action report
The Incident and Incident Action report presented on a confidential basis to the Committee each meeting is a critical part of the committee’s review of Quantem’s performance at the site.

The reporting of incidents and near misses to the Committee by Terminals displays an exemplary openness and is a credit to the company. The safety record at the
facility is a key aspect that can provide an indication of the importance demonstrated by management and operators to ensure that every incident, no matter how relatively insignificant it may be, is recorded and reviewed, and that changes are made to practices, training, equipment and systems to minimise the likeliness of repeat occurrences.

An example of the reporting concerns the pumping of product from a bulk carrier at the No 2 Maribyrnong Wharf to Tank 33 in January 2021. The radar gauging of the product level within the tank failed to respond quickly to the change in level within the tank, the Hi-Hi alarm was tripped and the product pumping stopped. The Hi-Hi alarm is a feature included in all tanks, and acts as a fail safe control. This extra safety control prevented the tank overflowing and spilling into the bund. Nevertheless this near miss has been reported, and action has been taken to check and correct the radar gauging.

Next meeting of the CICCC
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 3pm, as a Zoom meeting.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 23/02/2021     CICCC web site: