CICCC Update—8 December 2020 Meeting

The CEO of Quantem, Nic Moen, has confirmed his commitment to the ongoing role of the Committee, seeing it as a useful way to get an external community view, and feedback on the way the facility at Coode Island is run. Quantem generously supports the functioning of the Committee, by paying for modest sitting fees of members, the fees of the Chair, the provision and upkeep of the CICCC web site, and the ongoing time spent providing information to the Committee.

At Nic’s suggestion, time will be allocated at future Committee meetings to have an in-depth look at specific topics of importance to the running of the facility. The first topic to be discussed at the February 2021 meeting will be the site Maintenance Program.

New CICCC Chair
The chair of the Committee, Robin Saunders, has given notice of his resignation effective after the April 2021 meeting cycle. A selection process for his replacement is being developed by the Committee.

Next meeting of the CICCC
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 February2021 at 3pm, either as a Zoom meeting or at a site to be announced.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 16/12/2020     CICCC web site: www.ciccc.org.au