CICCC Update—31 August 2021 Meeting

Discussion of Quantem’s Safety Case by Ryan.
Ryan de Munk, General Manager HSEQ provided and overview of Quantem’s Safety Case which was up-dated every 5 years as a requirement of their 5 year MHF (Major Hazzard Facility) licence. He discussed the high-risk safety critical controls employed at the site and how ‘layers of protection’ were built into the largely computerised Management System. The system generated a monthly maintenance schedule which was in addition to any adhoc maintenance issue noticed by staff on daily rounds of inspection. He explained how ‘Worksafe’ would regularly visit the site without warning and the Regulator could if necessary, issue ‘an improvement notice’ to be completed by a ‘due’ date.

Stephen Rasdell, Operations Manager further explained how all Safety issues continued to be managed in the usual manner during Covid ‘Lockdowns’ and essential staff continued to attend and monitor the on-going operations of the terminal.

Community Grants Program
The recipients of the program had been finalised and Committee members congratulated Quantem on their initiative.

Jamie, Manager provided a Review of Incidents at Coode Island facilities of Quantem for 2021 (May to July)

There were three level three incidents

  1. IRF-0621-00061 No water supply due to a burst pipe on the entry to Coode Island necessitated closure of the site for the day.
  2. IRF-0521-00026 The discovery of potentially ‘live’ cables underground which proved to be ‘dead’.
  3. IRF-0521-00020 Safety observation found that the required safety gear was not being worn while loading Sodium Hydroxide. (Quantem immediately supplied each worker with their own new personal PPE).
    As an addendum Jamie explained how all workers normally wore safety gear when in the terminal and that PPE was an extra due to Covid. Each worker removed this gear when leaving the site and stored it in his own ‘bucket’.

Air Environmental Monitoring of Air (2 samples) and Water (178 samples) were all within specification.

Next meeting of the CICCC
The next meeting will be held on-line on November 23 at 3pm.

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