CICCC Update—13 October 2020 Meeting Summary

Changes to Quantem’s systems
The incorporation of the vegetable oil and tallows tanks, formerly owned by the Grains Corporation, has added another driver to the ongoing review of various systems used by Quantem. The changes are standardising reporting across all Quantem sites in Australia, and ensuring the best aspects of both former systems are maintained.

Business of the meeting
Stephen Rasdell, Chief Operating Officer of Quantem and Jaime Thompson, the new representative of WorkSafe on the CICCC, were welcomed to the meeting. Two of the significant reports provided to the CICCC by Quantem before each meeting are those relating to incidents that have occurred since the previous meeting, and the HSEQ (Health, Safety and Environmental Quality) Improvement Action Plan Update. The Committee is reviewing the format of these reports, to give clearer information about the most important incidents and improvements.

Quantem advised the Committee about the program to improve bund integrity at Plant C (now called Site 3). Bunds are the earth mounds that surround tanks, or groups of tanks, to contain any spills of liquids that may result from tank failure. The bunds are lined with bentonite clay to seal them from leaking. Consultants have completed the inspection and measurement of the permiability of the bunds, so that the scope and priority of remediation can be established. One bund, to Tank 49, has already been upgraded.

Next meeting of the CICCC
The next meeting will be held on-line, on Tuesday 8 December 2020 at 3pm.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 20/10/2020       CICCC web site: www.ciccc.org.au