CICCC Update—November meeting held 1 December 2021

Closure of the CICCC.
The CICCC notified Quantem early November it was having difficulty in filling a number of Committee positions which had become vacant. In addition, the current acting Chair was to shortly retire from the position. This situation significantly reduced the committee’s capacity to carry out its role. Following discussion within the Company and between Committee members, Quantem notified the Committee on the 19/11/21 of their intention to no longer support the work of the CICCC. Stephen Rasdell (COO) confirmed the CICCC would close after the post-meeting documentation had been filed and the CICCC Web site updated.

Members of the Committee sought assurances from Quantem that Company activities and reports which the CICCC normally would examine and question the Company upon would be subjected to Worksafe or EPA oversight. Quantem confirmed it would meet all its obligations under the MHF legislation including an annual community meeting at which members of the public could submit questions. CICCC expressed their concern about Quantem seeking only to meet a regulatory standard and requested that ‘Safety’ and Maintenance be ‘best practice’ and the Company be pro-active in upgrading the facility and initiating improvements. This assurance was provided.

Quantem also acknowledged the CICCC website contained extensive and historically valuable information and that they would continue to make it available to the public via Quantem’s own website. The Chair has recommended that the Quantem’s website provide for a prominent branch to the closed CICCC website which would be easily accessible to the public, and, a further branch to updated terminal information through which Quantem would provide additional industry and environmental information including when Quantem’s general Annual Community meeting would be held.

During the meeting Quantem forwarded a number of additional documents for posting to the CICCC Website. The Chair thanks Quantem for these documents.

Jamie, Manager of Operations, provided a Review of Incidents at Quantem’s Coode Island facility for 2021 (August to October)

There were four level three incidents and one level four incident –
IRF-0921-00042 Review was needed on access angle ladders.

    1. IRF-0921-00040 Smell of Hexene from tank 374.
    2. IRF-0921-00021 Tank high level alarm activated
    3. IRF-0921-00020 Inert setting incorrect (safety critical control)
    4. IRF-0921-00030 Potential MEG contamination issue (level 4)

Other significant actions carried out –

    1. IMS-0321-00016-ACT-001 Conduct tank empty mapping on radar level transmitters installed in Year 2020
    2. IRF- 0921-00048-ACT-001 Tank 1 Hi Hi Alarm Activated for the second time in a week

Air Emissions Summary from the Combustor for Flammable Discharges and Pygas passed on each occasion.

Environmental Monitoring of Air (2 samples) and Water (342 samples) were all within specification.

Maintenance –
Safety Critical Controls              Jan – Oct 94 – 100% performance
Non-Safety Critical Controls      Jan – Oct 89 – 100% performance
Overall                                           Jan – Oct 92 – 100% performance

Faye Simpson, Acting Chair CICCC, 1/12/2021 Contact
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