CICCC Update – 9 August 2016 Meeting

Terminals Pty Ltd appoints new Chief Operations Officer

In early May, David Bozinoski appointed Deborah Brown to the new position of Chief Operations Officer for Terminals Pty Ltd.. Deborah has a wealth of experience both in Australia and overseas in Chemical & Materials Engineering and holds an MBA. We have invited Deborah to attend a meeting of the CICCC, and we anticipate that she will attend one of the next two meetings.

Incidents at the site

At each meeting of the CICCC, Terminals presents details of all reported incidents that have occurred at the site during the time since the last meeting. The focus at the meetings is generally the more severe incidents, if there are any. A critical aspect of these reports is to record the management action that is taken to reduce the likelihood of the incident being repeated.

At the August 2016 meeting, all the incidents reported were severity 1, the lowest level. However one of these reports was a good news story. Following some earlier incidents with road tankers coming to the plant to pick up a load, but not being empty leading to contamination issues, a new procedure has been adopted to check all tankers arriving on site.

One incident reported to the August meeting concerned a tanker arriving to pick up a load, when operators noticed that the tare weight was heavy, and compartment 3 was found to have 2,500L of White Spirits from a previous load. The tanker was sent off-site and the customer was advised. The incident provided an example of the value of the incident reporting system

Solar panels at the West Melbourne (Coode Island) site.

In view of the major projects that Terminals Pty Ltd is undertaking at other sites, the Board has deferred the purchase of a 100 kW solar power system at its West Melbourne terminal.

Next meeting of the CICCC

The next meeting will be held at the Terminals Site Office at McKenzie Road, Coode Island, on Tuesday 15 November 2016 at 3pm.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 14 September 2016