Coode Island Committee update

The announcement of the State election has the potential to delay initiatives to improve Coode Island operations, according to Peter Reddie of Terminals Pty Ltd.

Gary Kenney of the Victorian WorkCover told the Coode Island Community Consultative Committee (CICCC) at the August meeting, that the Major Hazardous Facilities Regulations would not be available for public comment until early October. He briefed the Committee on the general content of the draft regulations. Operators such as Terminals will be required to demonstrate to WorkCover that their plant, management systems and practices produce a safe working environment. Committee members attended a WorkCover audit of Terminals site on August 30.

In the meantime Terminals are continuing negotiations with the Melbourne Ports Corporation concerning the land to be used for the company’s redevelopment, estimated to cost over $30 million.

John Bennett of Melbourne Ports Corporation briefed the Committee improvements, recommended by the Government’s Task Force, to Maribyrnong No 1 Berth. New steel mooring and berthing dolphins will be constructed to improve safety.

Melbourne City Council advised the committee of its objectives as a member of the Committee. They are:

  1. To provide advice to Terminals P/L on the most effective ways of communicating with residents and businesses in the City of Melbourne.
    It is important that the level of community understanding of the operations of the Coode Island facility improves.
  2. To help facilitate an open process that encourages Terminals to discuss their strategies and objectives.
    The Committee is increasingly adopting a partnership approach to the way it tackles issues. This should be further encouraged.
  3. To advocate for the Coode Island Users Group to collectively identify their future plans.
    Terminals P/L are a primary point of contact but the broader Users Group need to become more involved in decision-making.

The representative of the Kensington Residents Association, Robert Glavich, advised the Committee that he was organising a repeat of the Emergency Management Forum for residents who have been unable to attend the earlier forum. It will be held on Wednesday, October 6, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Uniting Church Hall, McCracken Street, Kensington.

The next CICCC meeting will be held on Thursday 23 September 1999, at the Maribyrnong Municipal Offices at the corner of Napier and Hyde Streets, Footscray at 6:15 pm for 6:30 pm. Members of the community are welcome to attend.