Report of the Meeting of the Coode Island Community Consultative Committee held on 22 July 1999—prepared for the City of Maribyrnong Page in the Mail.

Drafts of the Major Hazardous Facilities Regulation and the Regulatory Impact Statement for facilities including Coode Island, will be available in August. Garry Kenny, of the Victorian WorkCover Authority, told the July meeting of the Coode Island Community Consultative Committee (CICCC) that the reports would be available for public comment for one month from mid-August. The Committee’s next meeting in August will focus on a response to the
regulations, and in particular the issue of communications between the public and operators of major hazard facilities.

The Terminals monthly report revealed there had been five minor leaks (each less than a cup-full) in road tanker loading, three from one particular truck. The transport company involved has been advised that the truck is banned until a full overhaul and independent tests have been conducted.

The meeting also received a report on the costs associated with the formation and operation of the Committee. The Committee was formed in 1997 at a cost of $37,000 which included a public meeting and wide consultations.. This cost was shared between the cities of Maribyrnong and
Melbourne. In 1998–99, the cost to both councils was about $35,000 including administration, catering, policy advice, and the Emergency Management Forum. Terminals Pty Ltd bore the $27,000 operational costs including members sitting fees ($137 each per meeting), and the cost of the chair and the minute taker. For 1999–00, Maribyrnong has budgeted $7,500 for research and operating costs, while Terminals has budgeted $34,000. These costs do not take into account the time given by Council officers, agencies and Terminals, or the extra work Committee members perform outside meetings.

The CICCC has prepared a report of its structure, objectives, and work to-date which is available on request.

The Committee is seeking a new community representative to replace John Marlow, who has resigned due to work commitments. Nominations are welcome from resident associations or similar organisations in the Footscray area. Please send nominations to CICCC at the City of Maribyrnong, P.O.Box 58, Footscray 3011. Further information about the Committee is available from the members listed below:

Robert Glavich Community Representative living in Kensington 9376 6998
Frank Fichera Community Representative living in Footscray 56 Stirling St., Footscray
Marg Leser Community Representative living in North Melbourne 9329 1240
Faye Simpson Community Representative living in Doncaster East 9842 8495
Ian Thomas Community Representative living in Williamstown 9397 1413
Ted Towson Community Representative living in Spotswood 9391 1474
Peter Brotherton Combined Environment Groups 9528 1957
Sara Coward Councillor, Maribyrnong City Council 9688 0200
Martin Brennan Councillor, Melbourne City Council 9328 8510
Jim Smith Plastics and Chemical Industries Association 9685 5315
Carlo Fasolino Terminals Pty Ltd 9689 2344
Robin Saunders Chair 9853 7510

The next CICCC meeting will be held on Thursday 26 August, at the Maribyrnong Municipal Offices at the corner of Napier and Hyde Streets, Footscray at 6:15 for 6:30 pm. Members of the community are welcome to attend.