CICCC Update—19 August 2010 Meeting

EPA’s Reform Process

  • Enforcement
    At the 19 August 2010 meeting, Kerry Murphy advised the meeting of the process being adopted by EPA for its Enforcement Reform process. Public meetings will be arranged for Community Reference Groups, and there will be a call for nominations in early September.
  • Licences
    EPA has reformed about 500 Victorian licences to-date, with the remaining 60 licences being more technical or complex than those done in earlier rounds. The reformed licences will have modified conditions to the current accredited licences. A workshop to explain the proposed changes to CICCC members will be held on Tuesday 12 October 2010 at Maribyrnong Town Hall, at 6:30 pm.

Annual Report

Terminals tabled the 2009/2010 Annual Report to the EPA, along with its 2009 Community Report. Kerry Murphy advised that in future EPA will not require an Annual Report from licence holders. Instead a Performance Report will be required annually, focussing on the reporting of performance conditions in licences, and any breeches of these.

The community representatives decided that their needs would best be met by receiving the Performance Report when it is provided to EPA, with the additional material now provided in the Community Report.


While not being core business of the CICCC, the committee is keenly interested in sustainability issues. Ian Thomas provided a useful information item on the new NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) for office buildings and homes. It complements and builds on other environmental rating schemes available for buildings. NABERS for offices incorporates NABERS Energy, NABERS Water, NABERS Waste and NABERS Indoor Environment.

Green Star – Office ratings, developed by the Green Building Council of Australia, are designed to assess the environmental potential of office buildings. These ratings establish how the premises will perform under ideal circumstances based on design information and management processes. The actual operational performance data established by NABERS ratings will complement Green Star ratings, establishing a valuable feedback loop to building designers, developers, tenants and owners.

Next meeting of the CICCC

The next meeting of the CICCC will be held on Thursday 2 December 2010 at the Maribyrnong Town Hall on the corner of Hyde and Napier Streets, Footscray at 6.30 pm. At that meeting the 2009 Annual Report will be discussed. Any interested member of the community is welcome to attend the CICCC meetings.

Meetings for 2011 have been set at the same time and place on the following Thursdays: 17 March, 16 June, 8 September and 8 December.