CICCC Update – 16 February 2016 Meeting

Terminals CEO to attend the CICCC meeting

The CEO of Terminals Pty Ltd, David Bozinoski, will be attending the Committee’s 28 April 2016, and will make a short presentation.

Terminals Safety Record

Terminals had no LTI’s (Lost Time Injury) or MTI’s (Medical Treated Injuries) in the December-January period at Coode Island, nor for the whole of 2015. Over the six years from 2010 to 2015, there were only seven MTI’s and one LTI.

Looking more broadly at the Terminals Pty Ltd operations in Australia and New Zealand, there were no recordable injuries in the last 12 months, an outstanding performance.

Incidents at the Terminals Coode Island facility

There were four Severity 2 incidents at the facility over the December-January period. Three of these involved instruments that were out of calibration, which has led to a review of alternative equipment for two of them.

Don McKenzie, Terminals Victorian Manager, advised the meeting that a new computer system (INTERGRIM) is being developed to record incidents, actions and modifications, including the routine maintenance program. The Work Permit system will also be on the system. Required actions will be displayed on an electronic dashboard, which will show reminders and completion dates.

The Committee was pleased to hear of this initiative, which has been championed for some years by community member Faye Simpson.

Next meeting of the CICCC

The next meeting will be held at the Terminals Site Office at McKenzie Road, Coode Island, on Tuesday 26 April 2016 at 3pm.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 15 March 2016