C ICCC Update—14 October 2004 Meeting

Terminals’ progress in implementing improvements at Coode Island

At its meeting on 14 October 2004, the CICCC completed a detailed review of the Improvement Action Report, which provides a progressive update of Terminal’s commitments to its Environment Improvement Plan. The completed review is available on the CICCC web site (

EPA and WorkSafe are satisfied that the update of the Improvement Action Report, and their comments in the “Regulatory Sign Off” column, provides an accurate assessment of the progress with the specified improvements. Concerning the overall progress with the Improvement Action Report items, EPA and WorkSafe are satisfied with the progress made by Terminals Pty Ltd.

Terminals have now commenced the preparation of a new Environment Improvement Plan, which it is hoped will cover the four years from 2005 to 2008. Terminals’ Victorian Manager Carlo Fasolino tabled a draft table of target actions, for comment and discussion at the December meeting.

Relinquishment of East Side leases

Last month Terminals advised that they had provided schedules to customers, so that the East Side tanks will be empty by 30 November 2004. With the delays in commissioning the Marstel Facility, Terminals are being requested by both the chemical industry and government to continue to store products for a little longer at their site to the east of Mackenzie Road.

Terminals are now engaged in discussions with the Port of Melbourne Authority to find a way to meet their lease commitment (site handover to P&O Ports by 31 January 2006), while delaying decommissioning of some of the tanks. One possibility is removing the requirement for the remediation to be verified by an Environmental Auditor prior to the handover.

Ten tanks from the East side that are no longer required are being progressively moved by road to Plant C West. The first two 30 tonne tanks were moved on Sunday 26 September and 3 October 2004, using a heavy Centurian Tank Mover. The remaining tanks will be moved progressively. Before being lowered in to their final position, the tank bottoms are being inspected and repaired as necessary. No leakage has been observed from those tanks moved so far.


Butadiene to be stored at Geelong

Carlo Fasolino advised the Committee that DOW Chemical (Aust) Ltd and BASF have awarded the contract for the storage of butadiene to Terminals, using their Geelong facility. The CICCC had strongly opposed butadiene storage at Coode Island on safety grounds, and welcomed the decision. Terminals said the Corio facility has a high level of inherent safety due to its proximity to the unloading pier, the large area of the site, the large separation between tanks on the site and the facility’s remoteness from residential areas.

Annual safety inspection at Terminals by WorkSafe

On 6 and 7 September WorkSafe undertook a thorough safety inspection at Terminals’ facility. While WorkSafe found some minor discrepancies in record keeping, all the safety controls they inspected had been fully implemented. On behalf of WorkSafe, Bronwyn Brookman Smith complimented Terminals on their performance.

Bronwyn advised that she has resigned from WorkSafe to take up a position with the National Off-shore Petroleum Safety Authority. The Committee thanked her for her contribution to the CICCC and wished her every success at NOPSA.

Next meeting of the CICCC

The next meeting of the CICCC will be held on Thursday 9 December 2004 at the Maribyrnong Town Hall on the corner of Hyde and Napier Streets, Footscray at 6.30 pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting. The Committee will consider Terminals’ new draft Environment Improvement Plan.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 15 October 2004