Coode Island Committee Update

EPA Licence Amendment

At the CICCC meeting on 14 March 2002, EPA told the Committee that it has issued a licence amendment to Terminals Pty Ltd on 14 March 2002. The amended licence provides for:

  • specification of the operating standards for the new vapour emission control system (including the new combustors used to incinerate vapour emissions from the facility);
  • development of an Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP);
  • studies of tank integrity
  • study of storm water practices.

Copies of the Licence Amendment can be found on the CICCC web site (

Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP)
Environmental Improvement Plans are usually voluntary processes entered into by willing industrial firms, although EPA can compel the involvement of a reluctant firm. Terminals is a willing participant, and initiated the EIP process. A list of items that will be addressed in the EIP can be found on the CICCC web site. At the next meeting of the Committee the details of the EIP scope, preparation and community involvement will be discussed.

Acrylate tank upgrade program
Three acrylate tanks have been inspected over the last month. Terminals’ Victorian General Manager, George Horman, described how the tanks were raised about 2 metres above the ground using inflatable air bags and timber sties. Then the bottoms of the tanks were carefully inspected and minor maintenance carried out. Before settling the tanks back down, a plastic liner was inserted underneath them, and tell-tale leak inspection trenches were constructed. No major corrosion was found in any of the three tanks.
Contract for new combustors let
Terminals advised the Committee that it has now let a contract for the new combustors. It is anticipated that the combustors will be ready for use by the end of August this year.

Air Quality Monitoring
Following discharges of odours in December 2000, EPA prosecuted Terminals Pty Ltd on an air pollution charge. The prosecution was successful, and the Magistrate fined Terminals $30,000, to pay for monitoring air pollution in the Yarraville, Footscray and Kensington areas. The community air quality monitoring study has been completed and the Committee received a detailed report on the monitoring results. EPA summarised the results by stating that no off-site emissions of concern had been discovered. While there were several chemicals found at concentrations that warranted further investigation, these were not chemicals stored at Coode Island.

Changes in the Marstel layout
The CICCC heard a brief report on changes to the Marstel proposed tank layout following the Conference held by EPA on 28 February 2002 to hear and discuss submissions made on the Works Approval by Marstel. Concern had been raised about the proximity of the Marstel Propylene Oxide tanks to the Terminals tanks. EPA sought further information from Marstel concerning risk assessment studies. Marstel has now announced that it will relocate its Styrene and Propylene Oxide tanks at the north end of their site (in a similar location to the previous Terminals Pty Ltd Propylene Oxide proposal), leaving a greater buffer distance between their tanks and Terminals Pty Ltd tanks.
A consequence of this is that the Propylene Oxide tanks will be about 100 metres closer to Footscray residents. EPA has decided that the modification does not warrant re-advertising, and further community comment on the revised proposal will not be sought.

Congratulations to Mayor Bill Horrocks
Bill Horrocks, the City of Maribyrnong Councillor representative on the CICCC, has been elected Mayor of the City of Maribyrnong for 2002/2003. The Committee extended its congratulations to Councillor Horrocks.

Next meeting of the CICCC
Members of the public are welcome to attend the next meeting of the CICCC on Thursday 11th April 2002 at the Maribyrnong Town Hall on the corner of Hyde and Napier Streets, Footscray at 6.30 pm.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 20 March 2002