CICCC Update—11 April 2013 Meeting

Incidents on site

Unusually, there were no incidents in the previous 3 month reporting period.

Presentation by EPA on its Approvals Review process

Carmel Vlachos, EPA’s Project Lead – Approvals Reform, made a presentation to the committee. Key points included the following:

  • The Approvals Review final report was published 4 April, 2013. The aims of the reforms are to:
    • Reduce red tape
    • Provide more information for the public to view on the EPA’s website
    • Make the approval process more transparent
    • Reduce timelines for approvals (feedback from industry suggested Works Approval take too long).
    • Aim to fast track approvals where there is no community interest over 6 week period instead of 3-4 months.
    • Complete approvals involving community interest within 3 months
    • Make reports available on EPA’s website
    • Look at every EPA licence every 5 years
  • Marg Renwick, the new EPA representative on the CICCC, advised that the new portal on the EPA web site will contain information on approvals, and will be subject to registration to protect confidentiality of companies. Non-confidential information will be available to the general public without registration. The idea is for the portal to be a one-stop-shop, with more transparency. Information already on the EPA website will be replicated. New information will include list of auditors, audit reports and permits. It will include online pollution reporting. The timing of material being loaded to the portal is:
  • First release to registered users now complete – waste transport certificates, landfill levy, single site licences
  • Second release to registered users – amalgamated licences & APS functions. Released to public – single site licences. (due end of April 2013)
  • Third release to registered users – online pollution reporting, works approvals, RD&D Approvals, 30A Approvals. Released to public – amalgamated licences, annual performance statements (due by end of June 2013)
  • Fourth Release released to public – PIW transporters and receivers (PIW Database), appointed auditors, works approvals, RD&D Approvals, 30A approvals (due by end of June 2013).

Next meeting of the CICCC

The next meeting for 2013 will be held at the Maribyrnong Civic Centre on Thursday 18 July 2013 at 6:30 pm.