CICCC Update—10 August 2000 Meeting

At the meeting on 10 August 2000, all CICCC members received copies of the Terminals’ Coode Island redevelopment Works Approval application Executive Summary. The application may be viewed at local libraries, and at Terminals’ web site ( Submissions are due by 30 August 2000. The CICCC will develop a submission over the next two weeks. The CICCC strongly urges residents to examine Terminals’ proposal and to make a submission if they have any concerns. Community comments can be included in the CICCC submission: contact your local community representative, or the Chair on ph 9853 7510, email

The Committee acknowledged that Terminals and EPA had made more effort than was usually the case in advertising the proposal in the local community. However concern was expressed at what was seen as inadequate advertising in the state-wide media.

CICCC has previously expressed concern that the draft Major Hazard Facility Regulations did not provide for the Safety Case to be made public, as is the case in the UK (subject to removal of commercially confidential and national security matters). Gary Kenny of WorkCover advised the Committee that the approved Major Hazard Facility Regulations now include the requirement for a “summary” of the Safety Case to be provided to the local community, through local libraries. The content of the summary is, however, generally as previously specified in the Draft Regulations.

The Committee adopted a statement of the guiding principles of consultation at CICCC (see full statement at our web site “Consultation” describes a two way process between stakeholders (including, at CICCC, Terminals Pty Ltd, community and environmental representatives, and other members) prior to decision making. Consultation should be undertaken in such a way that there is an equal opportunity for all stakeholders to have their views considered. The consultation process should be managed so that open consideration is given to all points of view, and so that haste is avoided.”

The Chair provided a brief report of the proposed WorkCover Updated Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations. The update will bring the regulations more in line with the National Standard. However licensing will be replaced by notification, and there is at present no provision for public access to any part of the notification process.

The Chair also provided a brief report on the Victorian Ports Strategic Study Final Report. The study highlighted the significant land use issue of “the juxtaposition that exists at Melbourne between residential/sensitive uses (Maribyrnong west bank residential areas) and hazardous cargo activities such as chemical storage at Coode Island.” It also identified the eastern bank of the Maribyrnong River as a development opportunity.

The next CICCC meeting will be held on Thursday 14 September 2000. Terminals will arrange for their risk consultants, DNV, to make a presentation to the Committee on the contribution that the propylene oxide storage makes to the overall risk profile of the facility. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting at the Maribyrnong Town Hall on the corner of Hyde and Napier Streets, Footscray at 6.30pm.

Robin Saunders, Chair CICCC, 16 August 2000