Guidelines for agency representatives presenting at CICCC

The Committee has adopted the “Guidelines for agency representatives presenting at CICCC” noting the support for the guidelines from the City of Maribyrnong, WorkSafe and the MFB. The EPA has advised that it has no issues with the guidelines.

  1. The draft Agenda for each of the CICCC’s meetings is available on its web site well before each meeting. An early item in each meeting is to confirm the agenda. If those attending have any time constraints, they should advise the Chair and seek to have their item brought forward to an early time in the meeting. This can also be achieved by contacting the Chair before the meeting.
  2. Agency representatives presenting reports to the Committee are requested to provide an electronic copy of the report to the Chair several days before the meeting, for circulation to the Committee members. This will enable Committee members to get an understanding of the report, and be prepared to discuss it at the meeting. Where the Representative has not had time to follow this practice, providing hard copies of the report for circulation to the Committee members at the beginning of the meeting would be appreciated. Ten copies will usually suffice.
  3. If, for whatever reason, advance copies of the report are not provided before the item is presented, the presenter is requested to provide an electronic copy of the report by email to the Chair immediately following the meeting.
  4. If the material considered for presentation is considered to be sensitive or confidential, it should not be included in the written presentation. Advice as to any confidentiality constraints should be provided to the meeting, so that agreement by the Committee to such constraints (e.g. confidentiality) can be considered. At that point the Committee can advise the presenter whether every member is prepared to keep the material confidential. If every member is not, the information should not be presented.
  5. Presenters should ensure they have the authority from their organisation to present the material they have included in their report.
  6. The draft minutes of the CICCC meeting will be sent to the presenter by email, to give the presenter an opportunity to vet the draft minutes to ensure they have been correctly reported. Comments should be provided to the Chair in good time.
  7. The CICCC keeps an Action Summary, being a list of Action Items from the draft Minutes, and circulates this list with the draft minutes. The list identifies the agency or person responsible for following up each Action Item. Where the Agency does not routinely attend CICCC meetings, the agency representative making a presentation should be aware of outstanding items for their Agency, and either provide an update or seek clarification of the progress of the item from the nominated person.
  8. Commitments made by a representative at the meeting will usually be added to the Action Summary, and it is expected that the representative will facilitate follow up of outstanding items relevant to their agency after the meeting.