DRAFT AGENDA (at 23/2/2021)

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Meeting at 3:00 pm
The meeting will be on-line. Should you wish to receive an invitation, please contact Robin Saunders on robsaund1@gmail.com

  1. Welcome, apologies and confirmation of draft Agenda
  2. Invite Steve Hamilton , Director Infrastructure Services, Maribyrnong City Council, to address the meeting
  3. Confirm draft Minutes for the meeting on 9 February 2021 and review Action Item List
  4. In depth discussion of the Safety Case.
  5. Advice from Robin concerning progress with selection of a replacement Chair
  6. Review progress with the HSEQ Action Plan
  7. Report from Terminals
  8. Other business –location for meetings, confirmation that continuation of Zoom meetings until vaccinations have been completed is desirable

Next meeting date: Tuesday 18 May 2021.
Other meetings in 2021; Tuesdays 10 August, 23 November 2020

Topics suggested for discussion at future meetings
Annual Safety Report (10 August 2021)
Permits for External Contractors (23 November 2021)