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It provides a framework for the community to monitor the Terminals Pty Ltd facility at Coode Island and address health, safety and environmental issues of concern.

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The dates for the 2020 meetings are Tuesdays 4 February, 19 May, 25 August, 8 December at 3pm at Terminals Pty Ltd offices at Coode Island.

The 25 August meeting will be held on line. Anybody who wishes to attend the meeting should contact the Chair
on (03) 9853 7510

Terminals Environment Improvement Plan has been changed to a framework document which identifies the key areas of likely environmental impact, and sets out strategies for the maintenance and improvement of environmental quality. The framework will be reviewed after 5 years.

The Framework EIP can be found here.

An annual Environment Action Plan (EAP) will be prepared annually, listing all the environmental improvement activities for a single calendar year. The first new format EAP was tabled and discussed at the 5 March 2019 meeting, and discussed at that meeting. The current EAP will be progressively reviewed and updated. The current EAP is now termed “HSEQ Improvement/Action PLAN – West Melbourne 2020” and may be found here. It carries the issue date 15/01/2020.

A list of earlier versions of the EAP may be found here